What exactly does your dog see?

Have you ever been curious about how your dog sees the world?


Our eyes perceive the world through the use of rods and cones. Dogs eyes work in a very similar way except the amount of colors they see is only a fraction of what we see. Moreover their ability to discern between brightness isn’t as strong as ours, meaning that it’s harder for them to tell the difference between two shades of gray. Below is the spectrum visible to humans spanning from magenta to violet, underneath that is the visible spectrum to our doggies.



Dogs view the world in a mix of yellow, blue and shades of gray. Colours such as red and green can appear very similar to them. When selecting a toy for your dog, try to pick a colour that is easily visible to them such as something that includes blue or yellow. If you were playing fetch with your dog and they constantly keep running past the ball, it could be difficult for them to see.

Below is the lovely shot of the town of Burano, Italy. On the left is the original, and on the right is the doggy vision.

c4g1gxc4g1gx - DogVision

Many of the yellows and the blues that we can see are visible to dogs, but its visualized in a different way. While our photoreceptors mix red, green and blue light, theirs mix yellow and blue and compensate for the rest using shades of gray.

Here is a useful tool to show how your dog views the world.

So when you ask your dog “How do I look?” they probably think you look great,  but don’t take their advice on matching colors.


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